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Happy Summer Sailing - click here for a sample of what went on on Saturday 12th August.

2017 08 12 DSC 0113 2

.... and the water is now well above the flagstones to the left of the slipway and cobbled road. It's only about 1.5m below full - very good for August.

NWWA racing 30th July - Dave Martin managed 4 wins from 4 races. Our thanks as always to those who gave up time to help with running this event on the day. Read more here .

Fleetwood - 8 or more members had a blast in the flat water conditions either side of low tide on Saturday 29th July. Wind was SW Force 4 (cross-offshore) and the sun shone. Andy Pepper covered 35 miles in 3 hours, peaking at a mere 34.5mph. The only casualties were 2 fins - a reminder that we need to get to know this cracking spot better! Apart from that it was smiles all around and fish and chips/cafe to finish - what's not to like?!

Speed - now that Andy Pepper has scored a 32.6mph at Watergrove on big kit, including a 20 year old board, will that prompt some others to dig out their GPS? Our Speed Ladder shows speeds of mid-20s to mid-30s mph. Those seems readily beatable given a world record of 61.3mph. So come on, what are you waiting for?!

Club Night 27th July - another good planing session on 7.5m sails. This was the last of these sessions as we said we'd run them just in June and July. We'll be collecting your thoughts about what you'd like to see for next year though.

Sunday 16th July - we'd planned to have some 'out and back' fun races, but the wind was WNW which made for a bit too much wind shadow near the launch area. To start with the wind was rather light too and only 6 of us up. As the wind picked up around 2pm we opted to stick to the tried and tested formula - planing, gybing and tacking in the sun on a 7.5m sail with your mates. It works for me!

A great day out at Fleetwood - read about it here and see the photos which are now using our new 'gallery' display.

 Clubhouse door code has changed - make sure you know it. Paid up members should have received the code. Contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Darren) if you have a query. Please don't pass the code on to others.

Webcam & Anemometer - the webcam is now set to be viewable 8am to 9pm. See the new button near top right of the homepage. You can also get wind speeds around the clock - link is at the bottom of this page. The wind speeds can now genuinely be regarded as accurate, so it's great information to have in planning your visit. As always though, if they're not working it'll be a battery issue and we're working to improve that.

Windguru - if you're looking for windguru (we replaced that button with the new one for the webcam) go to Useful Links at the bottom of the homepage.

IMG 1710 club night

Sunday 11th June - What a great session! The wind dipped early afternoon before and during some rain, but it came back stronger than before so there was plenty of SW 20 mph+ and even a bit of sun. The wind averaged 18mph (top of F4) for the day and a 38 mph gust (top of F7) was recorded. Of the 15 or so sailors it was especially good to see 4 new members on the water - Tomasz, Dave, John and Jim - welcome to WPWC! Some photos are here .

 2017 06 11 DSC 0103

Racing 28th May - 6 competitors took part in this NWWA regional event. Wind was W to NW, variable and mostly light, though it did allow occasional planing. After 4 races 1st place was awarded to Ralph Sibley, 2nd to Mike Escreet and 3rd to our Dave Martin. Our thanks to Pete George and Andy Pepper for manning the boat throughout the event.

May Working Party - many thanks to the 8 members who turned out to clear weeds from the paved area around the clubhouse, cleared clubhouse gutters, did some boat maintenance, mowed the grass and scrapped the old mower. We'll not name here the one tasked with bringing barbecue provisions and forgot! We'll do better next time. We hope more of you will help then and/or any time you visit.

Galley - will be unlocked from now on. It has a new hot water supply - many thanks Dave Martin for that! The microwave, kettle, toaster and box with tea, coffee, sugar and biscuits are all now in the galley. There's a new 2 burner electric hob too.

Robin Hood Demo - light wind through the morning of 6th May didn't bode well for the event. Thankfully, the wind picked up enough for planing in the afternoon and we got to try some very nice new kit provided by the shop - read more here.

2017 05 06 DSC 0076 1

May Day weekend - great session on Sunday 30th April. Strong Easterly wind, some sunshine and solid planing through the afternoon. Read more and see the photos here .

Easter - here's the photos from Saturday 15th April.

2017 04 15 DSC 0064 1

One advantage of a wet bank holiday - click

Bathing Waters - Blackpool was awarded 'blue flag' status in the 2016 Seaside Awards. So Blackpool South has excellent water quality, along with West Kirby, Fleetwood and some other North West beaches. See the bathing water quality results for beaches in England you may visit.Friends & Family Day 17th July 2016 - went well once again. Enough wind for planing at least 50% of the time and not too much to put off first timers. There was some good sun as well - by early evening it was a very welcome 20C+. Burgers went on the barbecue for a late lunch, which some topped off with home-made Tiramisu as well. Windsurfing should always be this civilised!




tiggerchris - 17/08/2017 - 11:14

Anyone sailing today ?

andyw - 17/08/2017 - 10:23

im back in the uk after the 2017 euro tour.... wetsuit ready

ORCA - 16/08/2017 - 07:07

I'll try and get up later. 2pm onwards

echo man - 15/08/2017 - 19:25

me and echo man senior going up tomorrow will be there for 11ish

MikeS - 15/08/2017 - 14:36

Hi Stuart. Missed your 'shout' . Going for tomorrow afternoon now. Have a good sail. Mike

stu - 15/08/2017 - 12:24

I'm up today

steve s - 15/08/2017 - 12:16

I will be up tomorrow at around 2pm:)

shell,n,dave - 15/08/2017 - 12:02

I'm up tommorow

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